Request from Finance Committee

Dear DNTS Members-


The DNTS Finance Committee is working to identify potential contributors for this year’s conference in Denver and for the future. This funding provides us with critical funds to host our conference. As a committee, we believe it is important to develop plans to create a new organizational structure for how we ask for funds and for the duration of potential funding from donors.


We are reaching out to you today to help us identify existing relationships that you might have with potential donors. We believe that a personal connection with a potential donor will allow us to increase our ability to obtain donations. Could you please contact our committee (our emails are below) with your name and the name of the agency/business. We will then reach out to you to talk with you about you individual contact and how to best proceed.


In addition, we are planning to add information to the DNTS website for potential donors to read/learn about the ways in which our society has had an impact. If you are working in government or industry and can provide us with information about how the society has been help to you, we would appreciate being able to include this information. We would also welcome ideas for content from all DNTS members.


Finally, we are soliciting ideas and suggestions from the membership for 1) increasing donations to our society, 2) communicating the impact of DNTS, and 3) increasing our relevance and visibility as a society. Please send along your thoughts. Consider this an opportunity to brainstorm!!


We extend our thanks for your consideration of our requests and wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to all!!




The DNTS Finance Committee


Jennifer Willford (Chair, Susan Rice ( Helen Sable (