2018 DNTS Awards

DNTS offers two types of awards for attendees at the annual meeting: Conference Travel Awards for students, postdocs, and lab assistants; and the DNTS Richard Butcher New Investigator Award.  Awardees present their research at the meeting, receive recognition on the program and at the business meeting, and receive a monetary award to help cover travel expenses.  Application for these awards can be made by the individual seeking the award prior to the deadline for abstract submission, or an individual can be nominated by another person.  There is no requirement that applicants or nominators be members of the Society.


At the annual meeting there will be two Best Presentation Awards; one for graduate students and one for postdoctoral fellows.  The awards do not include a monetary component but recognize excellence in scholarship, research, and communication in either a poster or a platform presentation that is given at the annual meeting.  These awardees are selected at the meeting and there is no nomination/application process.


Instructions for Award Nominations




All DNTS members are encouraged to solicit applicants for the Richard Butcher New Investigator Research Award.  The New Investigator Award is presented for the best paper by a new investigator in the field.  The paper must be published or in-press in a peer reviewed journal during the previous two calendar years (2016 or 2017). The applicant must be first author.  The remaining criteria are determined by the Awards Committee.  The winner will present their research at the annual meeting in a platform session and be awarded a plaque honoring their achievement.  The winner will receive support to offset the costs of attending the meeting, including airfare and lodging.


Submission Instructions:

  1. Indicate on the electronic abstract submission your intention to apply for the New Investigator Award.
  2. Send the following to Michael Williams, [email protected] by February 15, 2018:
  • PDF of the paper(s) to be considered for New Investigator Award
  • Your CV
  • Name of your advisor
  1. Have you research advisor submit a letter of recommendation to Michael Williams, [email protected] by February 15, 2018


The Richard Butcher New Investigator Research Awardee will be notified prior to the abstract deadline date.




Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and laboratory assistant members are eligible to submit applications for Conference Travel awards. These awards, designed to defray a portion of the costs of attending the meeting, are for $700 and will be presented at the business meeting at the Annual Meeting. The registration fee will be waived for those receiving a Conference Travel Award.


Submission Instructions:


  1. Send the following to Michael Williams, [email protected] by February 15, 2018
  • Abstract
  • Your CV
  • Letter of recommendation from advisor/supervisor that includes verifying your status
  1. If you win one of these awards but hadn’t submitted an abstract for the Annual Meeting, you must do so by the DNTS abstract deadline.  A link to the abstract submission site may be found on the Society’s website (http://www.dntshome.org).


Conference Travel Award applicants will be notified prior to the abstract deadline if they were selected or not.