Position Available: Director of the Division of Neurotoxicology

Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration / National Center for Toxicological Research
Vacancy Announcement - Director, Division of Neurotoxicology

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) is looking for a senior-level scientist with leadership experience to serve as its Director for the Division of Neurotoxicology.

The Director of the Division of Neurotoxicology is responsible for managing, organizing, planning, and directing the scientific research programs of the Division. The Division Director develops studies to discover and validate quantitative biomarkers of neurotoxicity utilizing multi- disciplinary approaches; and uses a variety of in vitro and in vivo models including zebrafish, rodent and nonhuman primates to compare results to humans whenever possible. The Division Director works under the broad direction of the Deputy Director for Research and is a member of the senior scientific research advisory team providing expert advice and counsel in the research area of neurotoxicology.

The Division Director is responsible for managing, organizing and directing multi-disciplinary research teams of scientific researchers and support scientists in the field of neurotoxicology. He/she develops and prepares intermediate and long-range research plans and specific proposals, anticipating future facilities, contracts, and funding needs. Conducts in-depth program appraisals, continuously reviews and evaluates research results and requirements to ensure optimum effectiveness, recommending program changes when appropriate. Issues reports on scientific findings and coordinates research in program areas with leading scientists in the broad area of neuroscience and the specific area of neurotoxicology, with an emphasis on developmental aspects.

The Division Director meets regularly with scientists and top-level officials of NCTR, FDA and other agencies to provide scientific advice. The Division Director represents NCTR on committees and at meetings of national and international professional societies and speaks for the Center on neurotoxicology-related research matters. He/she seeks leveraging opportunities for support of the mission of the Division of Neurotoxicology and the NCTR/FDA. Provides the scientific expertise and leadership to manage and direct scientific studies through the Division’s scientific, professional, and support personnel.

The Division Director performs the full range of administrative duties required to manage and supervise a diverse technical support staff and professional research scientists. He/she is responsible for recruiting senior level scientists and postdoctoral staff to maintain a state-of-the-art neurotoxicology research program. He/she will also be responsible for furthering the goals of equal employment opportunity by adhering to nondiscriminatory employment practices.

In addition to managing and directing scientific, professional, and technical support personnel engaged in activities related to advancing neurotoxicology research, he/she will publish in peer-reviewed journals and present his/her work at national and international scientific meetings.

Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen with a Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M., or other research doctoral-degree. Ideal candidate must have experience providing leadership in the field of neuroscience, and managing/directing a team of scientific and technical support staff engaged in the conduct of neurotoxicology research, with a strong record of peer-reviewed original and applied research.

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience. An excellent benefits package is also available.
Location: Jefferson, Arkansas (about 50 miles south of Little Rock)
How to Apply: Submit resume or curriculum vitae with cover letter by July 31, 2018 to Moses “Robby” Robinson ([email protected]). For Questions or additional information, please contact Robby at (870) 543-7569.

FDA positions are subject to strict prohibited financial interest regulations which restrict the type of financial interest for employee, spouse, and minor children. Selectee for this position will be required to obtain pre-clearance from the FDA Division of Ethics and Integrity before a final offer can be made. For more information, please visit the OGE Ethics website at http://www.oge.gov/Financial-Disclosure/Public-Financial-Disclosure-278/Public-Financial-Disclosure/.