Standing DNTS committees and their members are listed below, and can be downloaded here. The Nominations, Membership, Finance, Constitution and Bylaws, Public Affairs, and Awards Committees consist of a chairperson and two members. Members are appointed by the President for three-year terms. The Journal Committee (not listed here) consists of a DNTS member representative, a Behavioral Toxicology Society (BTS) member representative, a representative from Elsevier, and the current Editor-in-Chief. More detailed information regarding DNTS committees can be found in the DNTS Constitution and Bylaws. Our Constitution is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read it. If you do not have it, click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Melissa Bailey, Ph.D., President,

Developmental Neurotoxicology Society

2023-2024 Committees


Finance Nominations
Helen Sable 2024 Tricia Janulewicz Lloyd 2025
Mary Gilbert 2025 Melissa Bailey 2027
Andrew Hawke 2026 Kim Yolton 2029
Membership Awards
Jenna Sprowles [email protected] 2025 Stephanie Godleski 2024
Michael Williams 2025
Constitution/Bylaws Paty Cintora 2026
Sonya Sobrian 2024
Chip Vorhees 2025 Publications
Judy Van de Water 2026 Chip Vorhees 2024
Laura Carlson 2024
Public Affairs Gregg Stanwood 2025
Francheska Merced-Nieves 2024 Lynn Singer 2025
Kim Yolton 2025 Jennifer Willford 2026
Natacha De Genna 2025 Michele Taylor 2026
Robert Cabrera 2026
Laura Carlson 2026 Program Committee
Sue Schantz 2026 Patricia Janulewicz 2025
Melissa Bailey 2027
Website Kim Yolton 2029
Lori Driscoll 2026
Associate Member Representative
Scientific Liaison Committee Mia Trupiano 2024
Michele Taylor

Sonya Sobrian

Susan Rice - 2026 2023-2024 Officers 

President: Melissa Bailey 2025

President-Elect:  Kim Yolton 2027

Secretary: Megan Woodbury 2024

Treasurer: Devon Graham 2025

Liaison Council: Christine Curran 2026

Archivist:  Tom Burbacher

Council Members:
Gregg Stanwood 2024
Stephanie Godleski 2025

Lori Driscoll 2026