National Children’s Study

Announcement regarding the National Children's Study

Important Announcement regarding the National Children's Study

Dear NBTS Members,

You may be aware that the National Children's Study is underway, but is still operating on year to year Congressional appropriations because it has not been included in the President's budget.

We would like to ask you to do the following to continue funding for this important study:

  1. Go to  To find your Senators and Representatives and their addresses, type in your zip code on the left where it says "My Elected Officials," and you can send a letter to all your congressional representatives at the same time.
  2. Go to the draft letter from NBTS members (click here for a sample support letter), and cut, paste, and modify as you wish to go to your Senators and Representatives in the US Congress.  You can also go to the update information for additional material provided by Dr. Carole Kimmel (click here for the update information).  The NCS will definitely impact the kind of research that we do. There are also members of Congress who support the continuation of the NCS, so your input is very important and will make a difference.
If you have comments about the Society's involvement or other questions regarding this, feel free to contact
Dr. Kimberly Grant, Former President of NBTS ([email protected]).