Comments on AAALAC Strategic Plan

Dear NBTS Members,


AAALAC International has been working on developing a new Strategic Plan [SP] since April, 2013.  Attached is the final Draft version of the plan that has incorporated comments from the AAALAC International BOT, of which I am your representative, and the Council on Accreditation, received in the fall of 2013. In the ensuing months over the course of numerous teleconferences, meetings and electronic communications, the Executive Committee (of which I am a member) considered all comments provided by the stakeholder review, and further discussed the content, structure and language of Strategic Plan to produce a carefully sculpted final draft document.


I am now asking that you please review this draft document and provide comments before the end of the comment period July 18, 2014 and send to [email protected].  If you have comments, please indicate page and line numbers.  The information will be compiled and distributed to the Executive Committee for consideration of additional revisions that may be warranted in the final Strategic Plan before its presentation to the BOT at its annual meeting in September.


The final draft of the Strategic Plan has been uploaded to a webpage at

Thank you again for your contribution to AAALAC International.



Sonya K. Sobrian

NBTS Representative to AAALAC International BOT